Differentiation for Blind Student

I have a 5th grade blind student who will be in my class in January. Typically, I teach CSD Unit 1 and Unit 3, but I am struggling with what to do with this student. I want him to be as involved with the class material as possible, but I know it will be challenging due to the nature of this unit.
When I reached out to support@code.org they said “Unfortunately, we don’t have any specific recommendations for blind students in our CS Discoveries curriculum beyond the recommendation to use Microsoft Immersive Reader in the last email” and advised that I use the teacher forum to gain some knowledge from others. I appreciate any advice you have to offer!

What accommodations are already in place for this student that you may be able to work within or through? It may depend on whether the student has a 1-1 aide or what type of software the student is used to using for online work. Unit 1 should be fairly straightforward to accommodate, but I’d love to hear what others might be doing for unit 3 in similar situations.

He has a 1-1 aide and has JAWS screen-reader on his computer

I started thinking & I think I have a student coming up that I’m going to need to accommodate for as well. While I don’t have any hard evidence of my own, I did run across this video that may be helpful. It’s a little clunky, but it gave me hope.


I can’t see the video because it is on securly. Is there another way to share it? Thanks :slight_smile:

The video’s title is Accessible Coding for Students using a Screen Reader, if you’d like to look it up on Youtube. I’m not sure why it wouldn’t play before.