Visually Impaired Student


Does anyone have any experience teaching to a visually impaired student? He has an interest in trying programming so he’s been put in my CSP class but I don’t think much of the material will work for him. He won’t be preparing for the exam but would most likely do something a little different from the rest of my students. Any suggestions?


@carly_buch Audio support was recently added to the programming units (Unit 3 & 5) of the CSP curriculum. As far as I know, those are the only additions available at this time. When preparing to work with a visually impaired student, I used the supports installed on the PC workstation (i.e. magnifier and researched getting a screen reader). There are open source screen readers available online. Check For additional support, I have passed this question on the the team.



I have a visually impaired student who used a combination of tech tools. On the computer, he was able to use a combination of zoom, screen readers and text-to-speech software. I would provide worksheets printed in an enlarged font. He was able to take both AP CSP and CSA exams.

When I worked with visually impaired engineering students, we did some tactile accommodations with hot glue. It was amazing how simple interventions made sure the lessons were accessible. Check out for great resources.



Be sure to coordinate through your school S.E. department or administration so that any accommodations implemented on behalf of this student are well documented. You should also check the the College Board regarding accommodations are deemed appropriate. Those things that your district implements via the ARD for your student success in the class must be documented in order for them to be used on the AP exam. You must apply well in advance to the College Board / ETS for your student to be able to use any accommodations.