Blind Student - I need help!

I have a blind student who uses the Brailliant Display Keyboard. This keyboard helps the student navigate, read, write etc. However, this keyboard and the Code Studio do NOT work well together. Since he cannot see, he cannot “run” his program and determine if his code is working. The DrawDiamond activity is nearly impossible because he cannot determine if he is creating/naming a function and a call-up. We are in Unit 3 Lesson 5. To click and drag a function from the toolbox to the work space is not an option for him. However, he can use the “show text” option. So I need someone to tell me about the Explore and Create PTs turned-in to the AP Board.

  1. What help am I allowed to give a blind student for the PT activities? He is at a significant disadvantage to all the other students. This is really hard to explain unless you are actually watching the roadblocks we face, as they occur.

  2. What modifications/accommodations are allowed by the AP Board for the Explore and Create PTs?

  3. He has a device called a “draftsman” which helps him draw, would this be allowed as a extra tool to help him with the PTs and on the AP Exam?

  4. With whom do I need to talk to get answers?

  5. Can start developing a Code Studio for blind students?

These may be easy questions, but this is my first experience with this issue, and I want this student to be successful.

@msmith Thanks for contacting us about your challenges. I can answer a few of your questions based on my current teacher experiences. My first recommendation is to consult with your students’ special needs team (i.e. Testing coordinator, AP Administrator and 504 personnel). They are be able to contact the College Board on your behalf for advise on how proceed with your student. The College Board does allow accommodations for the AP exam based on your students’ Specialized Education Plan, if one exists. However, they will need to be notified early. Follow the plan outlined for teachers in the Course and Exam Description guide as it relates to the Create and Explore PT until the College Board advises you how to proceed. I will pass this post on to the Code Curriculum team for answers that I cannot address. Please contact us if you have any more concerns.

Hi @msmith - I’d recommend checking out , an accessible curriculum which is mapped to the curriculum. Let us know how it goes!


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