Help with Differentiation for a Blind Student

I am using CSD for the first time for an 8th grade class (but I have taught CSP at the HS level). This year, I have a student who was born blind. They were added into my class primarily for exposure, but I want to ensure that they can get something from the course. They do have a full-time aide, but do not usually use a computer. Any ideas or strategies? Thank you!

I also have a blind student this year. I have been building mazes for my student. I make the mazes more challenging each time. I use popsicle sticks and a glue gun. I went to Michaels and found a square frame that I use to build each maze in. I cut out cardboard the size of the frame and it makes it easy to change the mazes.

I add a piece of paper that he was to pass as the conditional. He uses a marble to navigate the maze. Then he has to write the algorithm. He has an aide that will help him.

A colleague suggested him making a figure and changing costumes for the lessons on sprites. I plan to get clay and have him try that.

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What a creative idea! I bet this student enjoys coming to CS class!

He is enjoying his mazes. Thanks.