Support for Blind Teacher and Students in CSD

I currently have a blind teacher at a school for blind and deaf wanting to teach CSD. He’s having a hard time with his screen reader. He’s having difficulty with the following in Unit 2:

  1. Unable to access quizzes/assessment questions
  2. Difficulty knowing where errors are due to just being shaded pink
  3. Difficulty renaming files

He’s “looked at” Unit 3 and was having difficulty with that as well.

Evidently, there’s not a good solution that Code has, yet. What resources have others found? A specific screen reader that is accessible for them?



  1. Inability to access the quizzes/assessments may mean that this teacher is not a verified teacher. Try this support article to help with this.
  2. I tell my students that the error is often before the pink in HTML and in CSS. It’s often something small that is causing the code after it to not work correctly.
  3. File naming can be tricky. Make sure not to put any spaces in the file name. Try using camelCase to avoid using spaces. The files automatically go into alphabetical order on the left of the WebLab screen.

I hope all of this helped. I’ve shared your questions with others at to get even more help.

Thank you for your reply. He’s a blind teacher, teaching blind students. We made sure his account was verified during our summer sessions. This is not really a normal issue that others would have. He’s not able to access it through his screen reader. I’ve been in contact regularly with those at and have been told that CSD doesn’t work well with screen readers. I was hoping that someone else has found something that I could suggest for him.