Have a student with red and green color blindness


I have a student who is color blind and he is having trouble writing the code because he can’t see red and green.Any other interface that he can use for game lab. Please suggest!



Can you say a little more about what sort of issues this is causing? Is is that he can’t see the code itself because of the block colors? Or that he can’t do the programming exercises because they are asking about colors in the exercise?

If something about the code blocks is making them illegible to people with color blindness, please let us know which blocks are causing problems.

Also, please tell us if particular exercises are challenging. I know that in the beginning there is a lot more with color because they don’t have sprites yet, but we can flag exercises that cause particular problems for review.



He has trouble coding because he can’t see the the code blocks due to his inability to see red and green,and even with text, key words appear in red and green.


Could you please help me out with this issue.? Student is really struggling to work with code.



Sorry that your student is having a hard time with the environment. Feedback like yours is vital to insuring that all students have access to CS.

There are filters available, both physical and software, to accommodate visual impairments. Your student may need to use these tools to improve his experience. Special education teachers may have direct knowledge of the tools available and their effectiveness.

Hope that helps, Andrea



Sorry for the troubles. On a Mac, in the System Preferences under the Accessibility tab you can invert the colors or use a gray scale if that might work. I am colorblind also, but more with blue hues so I haven’t noticed any issues. Not a great answer - but this is also a great time to encourage them to observe other things besides color to recognize “keywords” - I’ve been pulled over for “running” red lights that were blinking and I couldn’t tell the position - so there are always other ways which you can tell something - but depending on the age that’s not ever easy.

Are the colors easier to differentiate in Scratch or SNAP? Those might be solutions, if the color modifications on a Mac (or similar on a PC) don’t work.

Please continue to post about this issue - your student most likely isn’t - and won’t be the last to have this issue and it is important we get feedback for future students (and a better product… right now we are in the Try > Reflect part of the PSP!).