Teaching block programming to color blind students

Does anyone have any resources for teaching CS to color blind students? Learning blocky is tough if you can’t differentiate between the colors of the blocks.

That would be nice if there was a button in there that swapped colors out to a palette that was easier for the color-blind to see. I wonder how feasible that is?

I have also seen some new special glasses that allow color-blind people to “see” more things but they are pretty pricey.

Both my Dad and nephew are red-green color blind. My nephew had fun taking an anatomy/physiology class his senior year in high school, where there was much coloring involved. :slight_smile: Here are a few options:

  1. Pair up the student with another student, so they can have assistance with color matching.

  2. Sit down with the student and go over the colors with the student. You can do it a few ways. Either ask them what how the color appears to them, i.e. green may appear brown and red may appear white or another color and do a bit of “re-coloring” based on how the colors appear to them with the way we name colors


  1. Sit with the student, point to each color and correctly identify/label it. If you have a color printer, all the better, as you can then print it out and label it, so they can then keep it in front of them and compare it each time.

Here are a few pages, when dealing with web design colors and accessibility that you can visit to give you an idea of what red-green and blue-yellow color blindness does.