Color blind students?


I have two students that are color blind. Other than pairing them with a partner, are there any suggestions on how to help these students and make combinations?



Actually I am color blind as well, so I’ve found many ways to teach students without having to match colors. RGB is great because the colors always match to a number, so it’s more about memorizing and matching the number instead. On Google Chrome I’ve installed an extension called “Colorzilla” that uses an eyedropper tool to show the RGB color values of anything that you drag your mouse over (if you have a Mac, it’s built into the OS - look for “Digital Color Meter” in the Utilities folder).
In working with other students, you might want to have them “drive” more so that the other student can find the color and then find the RGB value and the colorblind student can just put it in.
Another great tool is - this gives a bunch of related colors that has a corresponding RGB and Hexidecimal value, so students that are color blind can find the first color with the RGB value, and then see related/complementary colors as well.

Hope that helps!

PS - in adding the Colorzilla link, it looks like its available for other browsers as well!