Unsure how this relates to the rest of the unit

I am teaching CSD for the first time this semester. I have really enjoyed the curriculum so far and the students seem to enjoy it as well. But when I got to this lesson, I had to wonder why it is in this part of the Unit. It has nothing to do with the lesson before it or after it. I think it would be better to do this lesson at the very beginning of the Unit or at the very end. It’s just kind of stuck in the middle of the lessons that teach CSS. Just a thought… when I teach it next year, I made a note to pull it from the Unit and teach it at the beginning.


I didn’t write the curriculum, so this is a stab in the dark… This Unit has been through multiple pilots and at one point there were quite a few lessons focusing on this topic - I believe it was an attempt to but in some Digital Citizenship and possibly give a preview to the content on the CSP. The great thing about the curriculum is you can do what you just suggested and take out lessons and place them in an order that makes sense for your students.

For me I used this as a “speed bump” which students that were cruising through the curriculum could stop and wait to discuss as a class.

Would love to hear how next year goes with the next order!


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Thanks for responding! I will definitely reorder this unit and teach this lesson at another time.

It may connect more with copyright and finding information and resources online. Just a suggestion.

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