Guided Notes for Units 3 and for students

I am looking for fillable notes for summaries for students for the new curriculum. Does anyone have any that they are willing to share?

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Hi Diane,

I think I just responded to your facebook post, but just in case its helpful for others here is a link to the digital notebook I made (based on one found elsewhere on this form and a notebook for CSA) for Unit 3. Feel free to make a copy if you think its useful!

I made a slightly different version for Unit 2 - its an evolving process!

For some context, students come in to school half the week and are home half the week, so every-other day or so in asynchronous. I have found its important to give a lot of specific directions for the async days - even if I preview the material in the classroom the day before! I tried to make all the days look the same in the notebook though (home or at school) so that they have the same rhythm in both locations. When possible, I still present from the slide deck for the unit provided by

Note: Unit 3 Lesson 5 I’ve changed slightly so that students can work using ‘virtual legos’ on - not what the website was designed for… but I think they’ll forgive me for leveraging their product for the day!


Thanks so much for sharing! These look great!

Hello, I am on the AP Principles facebook and was able to get your Digital notebook for Unit 3. I know you mentioned you had others on but I have not been successful at locating them. Could you please help me.

BTW- the unit 3 notebook is amazing!

thanks so much! These look great. Any chance you have one for Unit 4?
Really appreciate it

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I did not make a digital notebook for Unit 1, but in the comment above is the one I made for Unit 2!

I haven’t finished one for unit 4 yet… but its on my to-do list this week. I’m going to be going on maternity leave any day now, so its a race against the clock to see whether I’ll be able to complete the whole things before other priorities take over my life! Hoping to have at least a draft for my sub soon though.

Any chance you have Unit 5 ready?

I’m sorry, I wasn’t able to finish the additional units before going on leave! Good luck with your class!