Interactive Notebook

Does anyone have an updated version of an interactive notebook to use this year?


I made one last year and here is the link to the updated one. This better reflects how I used it in class. I used the slides more than I thought I would last year, so most changes reflect that. Keep an eye out for spelling and link errors, there is always something I miss.


Hello ktpanderson
I am new to CS and this is my first time teaching CSP. Can you explain to me how you use this inb? I think my idea of INB is different than yours.


When I started teaching this course, I knew a traditional notes approach just wouldn’t work. I started with actual paper cutouts and glue, but with the onset of Covid I needed a purely digital version. So I made the above google slide deck that works like a notebook. My kids will import a pdf version into notability (1-1 iPads) and when they click the links/tabs it will move them in and out and through the pages. I liked it because everyone had the same template.

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Just for clarification: Students get a copy of the digital notebook to take notes for each lesson?

Yes, they download a digital version on the first day or so and use that the rest of the year. Some teachers have kept it as a google slide version, so whatever works best for your kids.


Again thank you for your INB. I have two more questions:
1.) I noticed your INB doesn’t start until 1.4, is there areason the first three units are not included?
2.) IF I just share the Google Slides, do you recommend I leave off the speaker notes? I wasn’t sure if this was meant for the students. Thanks.

Here are my replies…
1 - I didn’t think I needed “notes” for the earlier lessons. The activity guides and whole class discussions sufficed for those lessons. The devices and the circle-square patterns are tested on the AP exam, they are just a lead in to binary.

2 - you can leave off the speaker notes. Usually it is just where I cited any images I used. They are not needed for the purpose of a notebook.

Thank you so much for sharing this resource! This is my first year teaching AP CSP and I’m so excited to share this my students. :blush:

Thank you so much for this!!

Thank you. This is my first year teaching this course and any assistance and advice is greatly appreciated.