AP CSP Journal Entries

Just wanted to know how others are using JOURNALS in their classroom. I have my students write a Journal Entry for every MAKE lesson. I want them to write about how and why they write code. I tell them they are writing notes to themselves (in their journals), to explain their code. I also have them copy/paste their code into their journal. Journal Entry Unit 4 Lesson 8 Conditionals Make.docx (133.8 KB)

I have attached a copy of my journal entry here for you to look at and offer feedback. I paste this journal entry into Google Classroom so students can have a model as to what their journal entries should look like.

Is anyone doing something similar? Please share how you do it in your classroom.

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This is a good idea. Students tend to struggle a little when they get to the Make assignments. My journal use is very simple. I have my students answer the lesson prompts in a word document that they turn in at the end of each unit. They can also use them as a review guide before the unit assessment.