Unit 2 Review Activity


Use this space to talk about your review of concepts from Unit 2. If you’re looking for a review activity for unit 2 content, consider using this Frayer Model graphic organizer activty



3 years I had no idea what a Frayer Model was all about. Since then I have been using them in all of my math classes.

At the start of this school year, I have been using them in all 3 of my AP CSP classes.

I’m glad to know Brook, Baker and the other all-stars behind the code.org curtain think so as well.

Even though Brook uses Frayer Models in the Unit 2 Review Activity, you can use them for every Unit. I believe my students are starting to see how their Frayer Models from the other units are now serving as a great resources as they prepare for their fall final exam and the official prep to the spring AP Exam.

Before the unit begins, I post a blank “template” of Frayer Models with the unit’s vocab on Google Classroom which gives every student their own copy to COMPLETE.

As you will see from the examples below, the more time each student invests with an attention to detail, the more benefits they will see down the road as they use the resource. In addition, it’s a proven technique for information to be synthesized with purpose and retention.

Finally, creating Frayer Models have so many “soft” skills which are embedded in our curriculum and needed for so many other courses.

  1. Research
  2. Good vs. Bad Website Sources
  3. Visualization Effectiveness
  4. format, clarity, organization, symmetry
  5. Importing pictures
  6. Creating Hyperlinks
  7. Color Wheel & Color Appeal
  8. Curation
  9. Digital Drawing Tools, Spell Checkers, etc
  10. Pride

Here’s some links of some student work:

Here’s a “BLANK” Frayer Model for Unit 3 to give you an idea of what they look like before the students create them.

Message me if you need a file or template for additional units.



I love this! I think with the AP test, the vocab will be an essential part to understanding what questions are saying and these vocab building activities can be helpful for that! Thanks for sharing @jkeays!

I also use this template in my interactive notebooks occasionally.

Our semester is coming to an end here shortly, and I want to do some sort of review project with students on units 1-4 to help revisit some of the vocab that we have used through the unit as well as apply it in new ways. I am wondering if anyone else here has done anything like this. I am considering a concept map where students need to use key words, I could also take the Frayer Model and do this in hopes of getting students to apply this vocab a bit more. Any other ideas out there?


Hey Katie

Thanks. Just like you, my students also create and supplement with what we call Digital Notes & Journals. It’s still under the evolutionary stages but @madeline_r_burton was inspirational in these efforts. In my opinion, Madeline’s notes have more structure than my U1 approach to notes. I used a very strict structure for student notes in U2 but I think the U3 Notes DOC has worked as a better balance for my class. As I reflect through the year, I think each unit may get a different “structure” for the students to take notes. Too much duplication is a downer sometimes.

If these links don’t work, just message me and I can send them via email:

Like you mentioned, between the Frayer Models and the Daily Notes-Journals they should serve as great AP Reviews. In particular, the DOC for Digital Notes and Journals are suppose to also serve as the training ground for the writing aspects of the course. I am willing to bet Madeline’s students will do very well on the AP course due to her guidance and leadership with respects to the writing requirements. Bravo!



thanks so much for sharing how you use this model, @jkeays! as you mentioned, this core activity could be done with any vocabulary list, and could even be done across units by looking at vocab words related to specific big ideas that span units.

note that this activity is a based on a set of review activities provided by @kmi8961, who is a CSP teacher and facilitator from the LA area.


hey, @kaitie_o_bryan! if you’re looking for a concept mapping activity, we’ve got one as part of the unit 1 review, but it would totally work for a cross unit review. you can check it out here.


Thanks for the connections. Small world.

Sounds like Katie has been a true leader and pioneer with computer science for students. Very exciting!

I’m hoping she shares some student work to compare for some new ideas & insights.



Hi Jkeays,

I really like this activity, could you please share with me this files and the template?


Yolanda Velasco