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AP CSP Framework?

Is there a list of all of the vocabulary for the entire course? Ideally, i would like one pdf document of the vocabulary and definitions. It would help immensely. Thanks so much, Lindsey :sunny:


Hi @mccarter_lindsey,

We don’t have one yet but are working on adding vocab to lesson plans. Once we add vocab to all the lessons we should probably be able to export a whole list for you. I wonder though if one of the pilot teachers from last year has a vocab list they used. @kaitie_obryan @anmrobnott @karenma @terence.stone25 @caroline @nicole anybody have a vocab list?



Sadly, this is still on my to-do list. :cry:



on my to do list too…not promisingly high either. :frowning:


Here is vocabulary list I started last year. It has units 1-3 -


@nicole Does that match last years lesson sequence?


A vocabulary list with definitions is on my to-do list.


Here’s quizlet’s list. Which is a starting point.


@kimi8961 Thanks for sharing.


I’m in the process of panic creating a list for UCLA’s AP Readiness Satudays. I’ll post the full list (Unit 1&2) when I finish.


It lists 73 vocabulary words. Any idea what units this covers? --Lindsey McCarter


I just requested access. :wink:


@sandra.obrien-duke, @kmi8961, @mccarter_lindsey @carmichaelc, @cmeeks Here is the list I created for Unit 1. CSP Vocabulary notebook Unit 1 Key.pdf (55.8 KB)


I’m still sorting through that. I am just using it as a starting point.


Nicole, I too just requested access. Thanks!


Something I used to help my students learn and master the vocabulary was a Word Wall. After a word was introduced and the class had a working definition, the word was placed on the wall. The students were responsible for having a working definition in their notebook and the word became a part of the vocabulary used in the class.



I know a (biology) teacher who has students make a summary page at the end of every unit. Some students get really creative with it, but I am thinking of doing the same thing this year in CSP and having them use this vocab in the summary page. That way it can become a page of visual connections BETWEEN ideas rather than just a list of words and definitions (which can be valuable in its own way). I will share out what students do after the first unit!

Thanks for sharing these resources @karenma @bhatnagars @kmi8961 !


Hello Nicole,

I just requested access to the vocab Google Doc. My email is

Thank you for sharing!!


I gave you access to the link. Are you able to get in and look at the list?