Unit Vocabulary

In the past teachers were able to get a PDF of vocabulary for each unit. I can no longer find that. Does anyone know if it is still available?

Hello @vbriden,

The vocabulary is now on the CSP curriculum home page here. It is the third yellow button on the left side titled “course master vocabulary” and should be split up by unit! To go directly to the doc you can also click here.

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This helps! Are there plans to restore vocab to the lesson plans? That would be more helpful to see where terms are specifically introduced (particularly for those not on the slides).

I don’t know that there are right now because most of the vocab has been transitioned to the slides (Everything required for CB is there). I do believe that the team is linking them to each unit page in addition to the full curriculum page.

That’s correct @madeline_r_burton - vocabulary is linked on the Curriculum overview page and on the unit pages. This was due to a technical issue we were having with vocabulary display, and is temporary. We hope to have vocabulary in a much more accessible format by next school year.