Key Vocabulary in Lessons

I’m currently in Unit 1. I recall in the old curriculum, there were key terms in the first bubble of many lessons, but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.

Are “key terms” listed anywhere?

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Hi Bill,
@carol.ramsey has some great things posted (for free!) on Teachers Pay Teachers, including what appears to be a very solid vocab list. She also has produced a quizlet for each unit. I see these tools being valuable for my classroom. Carol has clearly spent some time organizing material and I’m happy that she is so collegial!

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@wbarnum You can find those key times listed at the end of each lesson on the unit presentation slides ( CSP Unit 1- Digital Information )

Hi @wbarnum - you can also find the Master Vocabulary on the course overview page:

Look for the orange button. Hope that helps!


Thanks Will! I started with’s vocabulary list and added terms from the slides and activities. I hope they are helpful! - Carol