Missing Vocabulary Words

I noticed that the the new curriculum does not provide students with the lesson’s vocabulary terms on the overview page. Why the change? It was very helpful to have the vocabulary at the start of the lesson.


Hi @mmsykes,

My short answer is I don’t know but I’ll give a crack at it.

Since the inception of the code.org CSP curriculum, it’s followed a philosophy of “ABC CBV” - Activity Before Concept, Concept Before Vocabulary. In other words, prioritize the experience/context in which the students has a foundation to apply the concepts, to which they then attach vocabulary to. As opposed to being frontloaded with seemingly irrelevant vocabulary first.

You might see the irony in every CSP lesson starting with the overview… that lists all the vocabulary. My guess is with this overhaul, they did away with that and now all vocab seem to be listed in the slides, to be introduced by the teacher at the time deemed appropriate.

However, I’ll run this by the team and try to get you the official answer. :slight_smile:


Ok I was super wrong - The missing vocab is only temporary and were a result of technical reasons. :slight_smile:

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Hopefully, this will be fixed soon. Until then I will modify the slides. The students have no idea those are even vocabulary words we are going over when presenting the slides.