CSP Vocabulary Additions/Changes to 23-24

I’ve noticed in the Course Change Log and in the google slides that for the 23-24 school year a “Vocabulary Bingo” has been added to the units. However, I do not see this reflected in the lesson plans, nor do I see any links to the bingo cards or widgets that were mentioned. Is this an actual update/addition and if so, when will we get these things added to the curriculum? My school starts in early August and I would like to be able to start planning for these changes. Thanks! If I’m just blind and not finding them and they are already there, please let me know where I can find them!

Like you I am looking ahead at the new resources. I don’t see the BINGO and I have also noticed their Vocab Summary Sheet is still linked to last year’s Unit Order.

I did find this in a general google search but it is blank or not complete yet.


Can’t believe it is time to get ready ! I too am looking ahead. I can see that I will be coming to this forum for a lot of insight. Thank you!

New Vocabulary list with unit order changes may be found by going to Unit 1 - Digital Information ('23-'24), select Teacher Resources then Course Vocabulary.

Cannot find Bingo Card either :frowning_face:

Found them under the All Resources for each unit. In Unit 3, they show up on Lesson 7. PDF file with several cards to print. Whew!

Thank you for finding this!

I found the Bingo applet for all the units here: [Code.org]

But, how can I display the app full screen?

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Did anybody figure out how to display the Bingo app full screen?

There isn’t a way to make the app display on the phone icon full-screen, but there’s a workaround where you can zoom in with your browser. It’s ctrl-shift-+ on a PC, or pinch-zoom on a laptop.

Hope that helps!
–Michael K.