Unit 5 Bingo - Definition Picker App

I was on page 6 of the Unit 5 Bingo Definitions when I got tired of cutting and made an app instead using AppLab.



Hi Amy, thanks for sharing this resource! I think it will be fun for students in CSA who took CSP to get to use an App Lab app again :slight_smile:

When I ran it, the data table you used, AP CSA Vocabulary, is not imported when I run it and I wasn’t able to get the app to work. I have had this happen with my CSP students’ projects too, where the data table they imported doesn’t import into the shared version. I am going to see if there is a fix for this and I will report back!


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I fixed it — try again.

The intent is for teachers to use this…not the students. Rather than cutting out 134 definitions, just run this app to select a random definition/word combo



Thanks so much for saving teachers countless hours (and paper cuts)! This is a great resource to use in order to make the experience of running the Bingo game quicker and more seamless for all.

Three cheers!

Awesome, that works for me now.

I could imagine using this on the projector for a full bingo game or for quick vocab review when there is some extra time in class.

Thanks for sharing this,