Free Vocabulary worksheets and keys

My students go through steps to learn how to take notes and build a study guide. After the activities, they reflect and document what they want to remember. Vocabulary is one lens they use and I provide a worksheet/template and a key so they can self-check. I created a worksheet and key for each of the 9 units. (Unit 8 doesn’t have vocabulary.) They are based on’s vocabulary list, with a dozen or so key terms added, based on the slides and activities. They are free for now on Teachers Pay Teachers, here.

Thank you Carol! This is very helpful! Where did you find the vocabulary list? Or did you go through the lessons and pick out the terms yourself?

Never mind! I just found the master vocabulary list. Your resource is still very helpful! Thanks again.

Julie - I started with the Master Vocabulary list, then added terms that were referenced in the activities or slides. I’m glad the resource helps! - Carol