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Use this thread to share resources that are helpful for the practice PT.


I put together an activity to help students understand how to create a good Flash Talk by watching an award winning Flash Talk and analyzing it using suggestions on how to give a Flash Talk.

Contains links to technology related flash talks and How to Give a Scientific Flash Talk:

I haven’t used this yet so I’m happy to get suggestions. :smile:


this is a great support to help students understand what a good flashtalk looks like! thanks for sharing, @caroline



Thanks for the tremendous activity. I look forward to do doing this with my class. CSP team, is it possible (please) that the student resource of list of topics for the Practice PT be put on the stage so that kids have access to it and I don’t have to print out a ton of copies?



I am also trying out having the students use Diigo and Diigo outliner as an alternative to the graphic organizer in the worksheet. I think I’m going to make it an either/or option.

I grew up in the world of copies of journal articles and 3x5 index cards. What is the current best practice for students to organize their references, keep track of which idea/quote goes with which reference, and organize their ideas?


one way for students to keep track of this stuff is with a graphic organizer. we’ve got a resource that describes how to use a graphic organizer for the practice PT, which your students might find useful?


The students like Diigo’s library tool (and some found other products that do this). They were not impressed by the outliner tool.


Thanks for these resources, will use them in the future.


Hi All! In the second iteration of’s curriculum, will you be developing unit assessments that might help us gauge how well prepared students are for the multiple choice portion of the AP exam? I know each lesson has a few assessment questions associated with it, but I would like to do a few cumulative exams to better understand if students are retaining their learning.

I was going to work on that this summer but I thought I would ask if you all had something in the works already for this.



Are you going to use (or already used) this activity this year? I posted in wrong place.


I did it last year. I haven’t gotten there yet this year.


So question that was asked of me yesterday was how they grade the flashtalk when it comes to the Spring Flash talk? I used the rubric that was on Studio.Code… but there was nothing mentioning the time frame?! I did time them, and told them it needed to be 2 minutes… so some were close some when over, but they all wanted to know how that would be graded later? Does anyone know… and should that be something that is added to the rubric as a range for the 1 pt., 2 pt, 3 pts?


Hi All,

I am not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I thought I would share out what I have been doing this year with Interactive Notebooks. There are some math and science teachers who have been using them for a while, and I occasionally would do some “interactive notebook style” notes with my math classes in the past, but this year I thought I would go all out with interactive notebooks in AP CSP.

Given that there is no textbook, I wanted students to have something to review come AP test time - thus the notebook was born. I wrote up a blog post about it here, but below is an image of what we did today with the modified IP stack.


Hi dhuff,

The curriculum is not specific about grading I think because its something that varies so much from school to school. I think its up to your judgement how much you care about timing on the Flash talk. If I had a big class of talkers I might take a bunch of points off. If I had a small class of shy people where just getting in front of the class was a big deal I might not take any points off for timing, I’d want to lower stress levels.

Here is the rubric I used last year. I haven’t taught it yet this year. I have a much bigger class I may focus on timing more this year.

Hope this helps!