'15-'16 The Internet and Society

Use this thread to discuss your questions and comments about how to run the practice PT.

One issue I am having with the student handout is students think they should fill out the details of what position they are taking and what they are focusing on in their talk before they have done the research because that section is before the research section in the worksheet.

I am surprised by how novel it seems to them to have to pick a narrow topic and research it vs demonstrating everything they know about a larger topic.

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Hey Caroline,

I think you’re right about the worksheet, we could make the order of the components better reflect the order they should be working in. Thanks for the heads up, I’ve marked it to be improved.


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What is the [Depreciated] U2L12 Activity Guide - Project: Global Impacts of the Internet? Is that different from the AG we can get from the lesson plan?

hey, @Steve!

the depreciated activity guide is from a previous version of the lesson that we’ve changed. you should use the AG linked on code studio and in the lesson plan.

My school is focus on improving our students ability to read/interpret and analyze data and writing skills. So i have modified this assignment to include a short research paper as well as their flash talk. I focus on their ability to use and cite evidence as well as developed an accurate work cited page to meet career and college readiness goals around their topic of choice.