CSP 20-21 Digital Notebook

My school is starting in person but I know we will go remote sooner rather than later. Thus, I have adapted a template given in the AP CS Principles fb group (credit to M. Cohen) and adapted it to fit the units here. Feel free to use or modify this as you deem necessary. Images taken from the unit slides, activity guides my own images from years past, and screenshots I made in applab.

We are 1-1 iPads so my kids will IMPORT a PDF of this notebook and then all the hyperlinks will work as they should. I wanted them to be able to still handwrite which is why I am going the notability route instead of keeping it as a google slide deck. This models the physical notebook we use in class.

I have until Aug 24 to give this to my kids so if you see any errors please let me know!



This is awesome! Thanks so much for sharing. Our district is 1-1 with pcs so really appreciate the google slide deck.

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thank you so much! this is very helpful!

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This is brilliant! I’m a teacher educator and I’m teaching my pre-service teachers as if they were high school students. I’m sure they are going to like it as much as I do. Thank You!

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Great! I use the notebook at the end of a lesson as a wrap up of major concepts. This class is hard for me to do formal notes so I’ve been having the kids do a old fashioned cut and paste interactive notebook past years, but this year digital is the way to go. I try to be very visual to model the activities we did in class. Enjoy!

How did you distribute this to your students? Did you have them make their own copy in Slides or download it as a PDF? I’m a little confused as to how they can have a version to type into that also allows the links to function. Thanks!

I downloaded a pdf version and then the students IMPORTED into notability. They have to go to notability first and then click import for the links to work. I’ve had no problems so far!

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Hi there,
Wondering if this will work ok without having the handwriting option (I was hoping to just use this as Google Slides)? Just starting to plan out this course so not sure if this will be awkward to use without being able to handwrite on it.
Also, thank you so much for making this available, I think it will be really helpful!

Sure, it’s not interactive in that I have no animation on the slides, but it will still work. Just force them to make a copy and keep it as google slides.

Ok, great. Thank you!

Wow! This is great! Thank you Thank you!!

This is awesome! Would you happen to have an example of a completed notebook that you could share?