Digital Templates for Electronic Submission on Google Classroom

This post is Thanks to an AP CSP post by Bradley Ostrander (

I decided to copy his idea and put a colored background on the Activity Guides and then I inserted a white table for each question that the students are to type a response. This makes it so much easier to grade because you can clearly see the difference between the question and your students’ responses. I have completed all of Unit 1 and will be working on Unit 2.

Here is the link to my folder that contains unit 1.

Happy CS-ing! :slight_smile:


Thank you for taking the time to create the digital templates! Very helpful!

This is a stroke of genius!! Thank you!


Great Idea! Thanks for sharing this.

This is very helpful! Thanks for creating this! I would like to do some of his for myself. What is the easiest way to access all the Activity Guides at once?


For each Unit, go into the Unit landing page (that has the visual schedule) and click on “Hand Out’s PDF” (here is Unit 1 link). Is this what you’re looking for?


This is great, thanks! What I am looking for is a folder with the the handouts in Word. I know that this exists for CSP. After some poking around I figured out how to convert the PDFs to Word. Then I realized why Carrie added the blue background and white table for response.

I guess we need to make our own.

Great! This will allow me to not have all the hardcopies laying around.