Digital Templates for Electronic Submission (i.e. Google Classroom)


Hello all! I use Google Classroom, and this year I am attempting to reduce my amount of printing.

Last year when I attempted to have students submit worksheets digitally, their responses messed up the formatting or blended in with the questions.

So, for many of the Worksheets and Activity Guides in CSP, I created “Digital Templates” that can be pushed out to students as assignments in Google Classroom (Make sure to select “Make a copy for each student!”). The students can type their responses on the digital worksheets and submit their work electronically.

All my “Digital Templates” can be found here:

I am especially proud of the Digital Manipulative I made for U1L04 Circle-Triangle-Square in Google Drawing.

You might find these resources useful if you use Google Classroom like I do!

Good luck!


Yes, highly recommend to all. These are great.

If we can hear from the field whether these are as useful as I think they are, then we can look into adopting them straight into the curriculum and maybe doing ALL of them.

Great work, Brad! Very cool.



These are excellent, thank you! I plan on using them in the next few weeks.


thank you for sharing


I love this idea. I also use Google Classroom and have had similar problems with students typing on the document.


This is really appreciated! Thanks for sharing!


Those are great! I could use something similar for CSD - the shared google docs are messy once the students answer the questions, usually in LARGE font! :slight_smile:


These look amazing! Thanks for sharing I really look forward to using them!


Hi Baker,

I have used these on Google Classroom and like them so much that I have begun doing the same thing for my CSD classes. I would love it if they were already in this format on, as it would save me so much time.



Yes, they are useful. We are considering a project to do them this way, but other things are prioritized at the moment.

Meantime, if you can, would you be willing to post yours here, whatever you’re able to do. It would be a tremendous help for us to see the patterns needed. We’ll likely fold them into our official resources (with attribution!) when we do do it, and then we’ll also have less to do, which makes it more likely to get done!

Thanks much for contributing your ideas here. Keep it coming!



I liked this idea so much I started doing it for CS Discoveries as well. Here is a link to CSD Unit 1


I have used several of these already - you are wonderful for sharing!!!


Thank you so much for sharing Brad! The templates are really good! I just used circle square triangle and the template was awesome.


These are so great! Thank you! How did you do these?


Easy peasy! I just make a copy of each document and add a 1x1 table under each question to provide students a designated space to type their responses. Then I change the background color while leaving the tables filled with white. This way students know to type a response anywhere they see white space. They’re great if you don’t want to print and plan to have students complete the assignments digitally.