Google Classroom Integration using Google Forms

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CSD is the main course that I teach in Middle School, and I’m trying to get away from printing all of the paper required for many modules. I made a few forms, and my plan is to make a lot of forms for the up comping school year.

It would be nice if there is a paperless pathway to teach CODE.ORG that integrates into Google Classroom, or at least has pre-made Google Forms that I can attach. The clear challenge is group assignments. Also, My school is >70% EL, or ELL, and that is a whole other challenge.

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Hi @michael.wesley,

All of the worksheets (or pretty much all – I haven’t accessed every single one) are linked in the curriculum as Google Docs. You can make a copy & set it so that your students can make their own editable copies to submit for grading. For group assignments they can work on one doc with multiple editors, but that has a host of other issues that would have to be worked through (same as it would for any class).

Is anyone else here in a similar situation & able to weigh in on options?

–Michael K.

If I could echo @mkmietowicz, I usually do all of the activity guides paperlessly using the Google Doc versions provided in the lesson plans. A cool tip that someone in the Principles curriculum group taught me was to change the page color to a different color then put white boxes in wherever I want students to add their answers. This makes it so much easier for me to score them because my eye is drawn to the white boxes and I don’t have to search the page for their content. Little tweaks - big help!


Hi Michael,

I never considered using you Google Doc directly. >80% of my kids are English Learners and part of my standard lessons include naming the fingers and ‘how to use a mouse’. I’ll investigate the options for using what you have provided.

Spanish is the dominant language with ‘Mam’, or Mayan, the second language followed by Vietnamense.

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Michael Wesley

Great idea Elizabeth. I’m going to try this technique right now …

Thank you!

Inserting a 1x1 table is another quick way to do this :slight_smile: