I made a digital template if anyone wants to use it

I try to keep paper to a minimum in my classes, so I made a template in Google Docs with six screens on it and room for notes for students to use to make their paper prototypes. Feel free to use/modify/spindle/mutilate at your own risk. Enjoy!


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@charles.webber, Thank you so much for sharing your work. I clicked on the link and the permissions are not open. Could you open up the permissions or just change the word edit at the end of the link to copy and it’ll force copy.

Sorry about that, fixed now!

It still won’t give me access even with the copy at the end. Can you make it so that anyone with the link can view? I’d love to be able to see it

I changed it to be viewable by anyone with the link, sorry about that, I thought it was good before…

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It works now. Thank you so much!