Unit 02 - Final Presentation - Template


This is the part of the final project presentation of UNIT 02; Here is the link. UNIT 02 - Final Presentation
I hope this is helpful :wink:


The link is not a shareable one. I sent a request to be able to open the link. Thanks for sharing!


This is a great template for students! Thank you for sharing!

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Let me know if you have any issues accessing the above link.


Awesome resources! Thank you very much for sharing!



Might want to change the link sharing to “anyone with the link” - otherwise people always have to request access and hopefully a lot of people will be requesting this resource! Let me know if you have any questions about how to do this!


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Thanks, Brad,
Actually, I don’t see that option, since our school is tied up with G-Suite. And there is another option which is “Share with specific people” I tried this but strangely the link would be the same for either of those categories. It does not make any difference. So, the only alternative what I think would be to upload this file to my personal Gmail account and then share the link from there.

Let me know if you have any other suggestions, so that the users do not have to request access every time. Thanks for helping me out. I have attached a screenshot for your reference.50%20AM


This looks the same as my school. There is usually a spot that says “advanced” in the lower right corner that offers more options - as long as your admin allows it.

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Thanks for trying to help. Yeah, even in advance options I do not see a way to share with other users from different organization :frowning:



Thanks for checking - if you are ok with approving people each time, I’d stay the course. I just know that others on the forum that have made really great resources get bogged down with request for access and we want to make it so you can share without being requested all the time. With your permission I could change it and share here so others can make the copy?



Thanks for trying to help. I have made copy of all my resources in my personal gmail account. Now, I was able to update with the new links to all my posts so that they do not have to request the access and I am still working on others posts. Thanks again.

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thanks @abi62176!


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