Presentations for Unit 1 and 3 - 5 coming



You can find the presentations I use to facilitate the classroom in this Drive folder - I am currently working in Unit 5.

Feel free to use/modify as you like, they are under CC-BY-SA.

Hope it is useful.


Samuel, thank you for sharing these presentations! My CSP class is beginning Unit 5 tomorrow, and I plan to use them! They are nicely laid out and will complement the handouts nicely. If you can, please tell me more about the feedback system you used for U5 L03. We don’t have permissions to view the Google Form (probably because of student info?), but doing a more formal Peer Eval is something I need to do.



You are welcome to use them and modify/improve them to your liking, happy to help.

I am about to begin U5 L03. I have modified the activity sheet to a self-assessment and have created a google form for my students to make it easier to give and process feedback. Unfortunately, you cannot see it if I want to automatically get the students’ email, but it looks like the rubric included in the activity sheet plus a drop-down menu with the name of the student being assessed.

While I was writing this I realized I could make a public copy of the form for everybody to use. It is included now in the folder as “Public copy of U5L03 Building a multi-screen app Peer Evaluation”.
This is the link:

I am planning to use flubaroo and doctopus but the form is plan B.


Loving your slides Sam! Do you have U5L11 or beyond by any chance. :slight_smile: Thanks!


Not yet sorry :frowning2:
We have a long spring break in Spain and I have also been doing 20% Time projects with my students… I will begin U5L11 in 2 weeks time.


Thank-you for sharing your resources. I have reviewed unit 1 and I look forward to seeing my students work through your unit one assessment. I think they should be challenged yet prepared.Thanks so much.