Unit 3 Slides for AP CSP

Hello All,
Here are the slides to Unit 3.

Here are the slides to Unit 1 Chapter 1 and Unit 1 Chapter 2.

Here are the slides to Unit 2.

Here are the slides for Unit 4

Best of luck!


Thanks so much for sharing this!! This is really helpful as this is my first year of teaching this and this has really helped organize my thoughts!!

If you create Unit 4 and Unit 5 please let me know!!!

I updated to include the Unit 4 slides. Unit 5 probably won’t happen until December/January.

Thank you for the slides, they had helped reduce my prep time and allows my focus to be more on helping the students.

Don’t know if you are planing any Slides for Unit 5 but let me know if you do any. Thank you so much for sharing!!! :slight_smile: