Slides for Unit 4



Hello All,
Here are the slides for Unit 4. I hope I updated everything from last year. If there is an error let me know.

Here are the slides to Unit 3.

Here are the slides to Unit 2.

Here are the slides to Unit 1 Chapter 1 and Unit 1 Chapter 2.

Best of luck!

These slides were created by myself and fellow AP CSP teacher Garret Ince.

PowerPoint for Unit 4
PowerPoint for Unit 4

Thank you so very much!!!


@mkershaw Do you happen to have a Unit 5? Your slides have been so helpful! Thank you for sharing.


Unit 5 slides 17-18

I have not updated these from last year. I’m not sure if I will have time. Use at your own risk. Last year, students were working at their own pace, but I realized that students weren’t getting it.

This year, for the semester 1 final, I had my students do the App Lab hour of code (great intro to Unit 5). I’m currently in Unit 4, but on our block day, I’m having students work on an app that we are developing together. This way when they get to Unit 5, they will be able to do everything.


Thank you for sharing! I love the tip of doing the App Lab hour of code. I will have my students start that at the turn of the semester!

Your slides have been so helpful this year! I cannot thank you enough for your generosity!


Here you go.