Unit 2 CSP Slides

Hello All,
I just finished updating the slides for Unit 2. Feel free to share.Unit 2 Slides


Hi @mkershaw Thanks for sharing these resources. I’m sure many teachers appreciate them!

Hi Mkershaw, I can’t thank you enough for sharing your slides, I really appreciate it. I am new teaching this course and I am very overwhelmed. Is it possible to share your other units starting with Unit 1 with me and others? It would make a huge difference in my planning and delivery of each lesson and ultimate quality of life.

@pauletta11 also take some time to look through the forum for other resources - I know there’s a lot here, but for example, here are some slides from Unit 1 chapter 1 in the past.

Hope the first few weeks are going well!

I just updated Unit 1.

Here is the link.

Hi Mr. K Thank you for sending me your updated slides. I had a question about Unit 1 Lesson 3 with the lights turning on and off and the question being asked what is the message? I have no clue how to decipher the message. Can you put it in context. I taught the lesson and was terrible and now I need to know the deal. Thanks Paula

The light on is state A and the light off is state B. Slides 31 and 32 show the message with timing. Which is the “correct” answer. In slides 28 and 30, it is intended to be difficult to know what the message is because it depends on when you start the animation. The point is for them to realize that we need to develop a protocol for sending and receiving messages and when to start the message and stop the message.

I hope that helps.

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@mkershaw you are a rockstar!!! Thank you so much!!!

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These were a huge help to me in teaching this unit for the first time. Are these available for Unit 3? If you are creating these for the first time this year, maybe we can divide and conquer and have other teachers help with different units and then share with all.

I’m glad these are useful.

I’m in the process of updating for Unit 3. When are you starting Unit 3?

My partner and I created them last year and I am updating this year. We have all the units done, just need to update to match the 18-19 curriculum.

I’m starting the unit next week. I’d love the slides whenever they are available.

> Here you go.