Students going on a trip - paper assignments needed

Next week I have a good percentage of students going on a school trip to Florida. They will not have reliable Wifi, and we are encouraged to give them paper copies of assignments. I was wondering if anyone has ever given an assignment(s) that include coding on paper.
Optimally I would like to have them complete Unit #3, Lesson 10: Captioned Scenes Mini Project on paper. I just am unsure of how to format the assignment so it makes sense/is doable for the students.

Thank you!

That’s a tough one. I wonder if you created a type of packet for them with the Sprite Scene Planning, copies of each of the bubbles with an area to write their code, and copies of the code blocks they’ll need to use. They’ll have to be pretty self-motivated, but it could work. It’s not a pretty solution - but we teachers do what we gotta do! :slight_smile:

Well, what you could do is maybe provided a multiple choice stuff reviewing topics in which making sure the stuff stays fresh when they come back which would probably mean re writing the lesson to account for that, you can also provide short answer questions providing their thinking process to how they came to their solution, not to mention if you’d like them to do anything programming wise should be in pseudo code and not in actual serialized code I’ll provide an example showing what i mean

declare a as 20
for declare b as 0, if b is less than 10, increase b by 2
 display(a + b)

either that or if your still on blocks, print out the blocks documentation and include it in the paper either should be fine… just keep in mind that creating a packet like what I’m suggesting should have been planned ahead of time since designing this will take a lot of time.

well anyways best of luck!