Assignment docs suggestion // Separate "Instructions" from "Worksheets"

First, a huge thank you for the excellent curriculum materials. I am teaching this class for the first time and having your materials has made a HUGE difference in my ability to serve my students.

Second, It would be super great if the documents that are provided with the assignments could be organized in a way that if there are multiple docs that they be separated into one document for instructions but no student input and a second document as a template or worksheet that students are intended to fill out.

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I frequently edit the Google Docs before I print them, that might work for this.

@steve1 I’m not sure I follow. Can you give me an example?

Yeah, @baker not the greatest explanation.

The Perf Task for Unit 3 is a good example where there are two docs and each doc has a part that needs to be filled in and therefor also graded. I am know editing those docs as @cmeeks suggests to put all the instructions on one doc and all the “fill in” parts on another. I find this makes it easier students to know exactly what to do and it make sit easier to grade.

I understand now. I’m not exactly sure how to operationalize it at scale - because, like, there’s a lot of google docs, but let me discuss it with the team.

Short term though and for the time being, unfortunately, I think you’re going to have to continue to roll your own solution. But this is a good data point for us to consider in our ongoing discussions about how to make our relatively intractable set of resources more coherent and usable. Working on it.



Completely understood and it is really valuable as it is. Just a sort of “style sheet” or “design principle” kinda best practice.