Unit 4: Additional Teacher Resources


We’re offering a semester-long model of CSD in our high-school setting (2-3-4), and my students are going to start Unit 4 next week…this will be the first time I attempt taking on Unit 4. That said, I spent a long time going over the resources we have available through Code.org, as well as numerous modified adaptations offered by people in this forum (many of which I’ve found very useful), but I still felt I needed something more to raise the bar a bit and get kids excited about this.

The first resource I decided to tap was this:

A quick link to a downloadable version of those resources can be found here:


I also borrowed from some of these resources:



All of that said, I’m now in the process of pulling everything together into slides (and related resources) for what will hopefully become a more cohesive package that aligns with the goals and objectives of Code.org’s Unit 4…just notched up a bit to better serve my high school students. Once this (other) curriculum has run its course (in lieu of Lessons 1-11, w/ exception of the User Design activity, which we still do), we will transition back over to Lesson 12 in Code.org, though I will still be supplementing Lessons 12-15 w/ some of these “other” resources for sake of continuity, both in terms of lesson design flow as well as keeping everything at the appropriate level (of challenge) for my students. I plan to run the full scope and sequence (once I have everything in place) over a period of three weeks.

Here is a link to my “working folder”: https://drive.google.com/open?id=15DCMKobvh0aZ1Hy4PhXfcCGiwCofNTyg

For anyone who is interested, I will be adding more slides and related resources over the next two weeks (through 5/20/18).

Here is a link to the slideshow I’ve been working on. It contains links to other resources as well.


Great resources, thanks!