Unit 3 Shared Resources


Hi there! Our school is new to teaching Code Discoveries and I’ve been making up my own resources for each lesson. Does anyone have any “challenge” projects made up for lessons 7 on and be willing to share?! I really appreciate it!! My students are LOVING this curriculum. I’m pretty much looking for something for them to do in the free play section, for example, they have to make a something that meets certain guidelines. Thanks in advance!


My students love Unit 3. For the students who needed “challenge” projects, I encouraged them to add, make improvements, use feedback from other students to make iterations and add complexity to their free play levels.


I tell them that but they don’t always want to.



I have also had students try to recreate their favorite “side-scroller” game or even old school Zelda. Often times they look at these older games and think they are “lame”, but then try to re-create and it takes some time which is helpful for them to know how much time genuinely goes into them. Just a suggestion!