Ideas for Activities for Advanced Coding Students

Hi All-

I have two students who are very fluent in Javascript, Python, HTML, CSS, and more. I am just starting unit 3 with this current class, and the vast majority of the class needs to go at the pace that offers. My concern is that even the more advanced parts of Unit 3 will be too slow for these two students. I can use them to help others, but they are smart kids, and I would like to keep them busy and give them a challenge as well. Any insights anyone here might have for resources/coding challenges, etc. are appreciated!

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I like the idea of keeping them challenged. There are some ideas in these posts that might be helpful. Maybe some other people will jump in with ideas too.

I’m not sure if this is what you’re looking for, it is a document with all the challenge levels in Unit 3 and what the challenge is with links to the challenge. There might be a few things there that could challenge them.

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Hi Cecilia- This is a helpful document, and thank you for sharing. For these two students in particular, they are already building animated games that they let me try out playing. They do a lot of extracurricular coding off-campus. These challenges will be great for most of my early finishers, but I might be looking for even more to give these two a challenge. That said, I will check the other posts you link to above. Thank you again for your responses! :slight_smile:

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Those are all good suggestions. Here’s another … scroll down to the game lab section and see the project ideas… These are nice as they have some support materials with them.



Thank you so much for this Mike! This is great!

Another idea: have the students navigate to a Free Play at the end of a challenge level. Have them open the Game Lab Documentation as a tab in their browser. They must try 3 new commands from the documentation in their code - can be existing code they copy in or starting from scratch. In this way they learn how to use more advanced commands that aren’t explicitly taught in the lessons.


Thank you for this idea!