Challenging a knowledgeable student

I have a very experienced student who has blown through all of Unit 3 well before fellow students. I’m looking to challenge him. He has already been using the “My Projects” for Gamelab to use any/all blocks available. Any suggestions on projects or goals to give him to challenge him and help him grow further?

I don’t know if something like this might help or if you’ve already used these with this student: CSD Game and Animations Challenge Levels
Another challenge I’ve posed to students who are high flyers is to create an Etch-A-Sketch style game using GameLab. That always seems to be an engaging challenge.

I also have an experienced student who blows through the Lessons as well, including the challenge levels and free plays @edavis: thank you for the list!
My student helps other students with their coding lessons.
My student started looking at the high school he’ll be attending to make sure they have a coding class, and looking at college/university options that offer computer science to start planning his future career.

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