Advanced Lessons?


Where can I find more advanced lessons for Game Lab? I am currently using Unit 3 as an introductory unit for my 6th graders and would like to continue with more advanced lessons when they are 7th graders. I would love to see lessons that included more of the advanced blocks that appear during Lesson 22.


I thing I have done is push the students to make improvements to their game(s) by increasing the complexity. For some of the students, I have had them increase their coding abilities using codecademy, codecombat or build another game on GameLab


I had a similar question. One of my students noticed there were methods that the curriculum did not discuss. He wanted to work with more of the methods in Game Lab and I was hoping that someone had written lessons to extend the unit.


While we don’t have curriculum to cover all of the functionality in Game Lab, you can have students check out the documentation for examples that use advanced functionality.


I have given the students that link. I was hoping that maybe someone might have prepared some labs.


You could check out
That’s the library where a lot of the game lab stuff comes from. They have examples and ideas on there.