Additional Activities

Hello, is there a list of additional activities students can work on in the app/game lab that are associated with particular lessons in Principles? I’d like to give students the opportunity to practice more after we complete a lesson.

Hi @krishondra.gray,

Welcome to the forum! I’m not clear if you are asking about Discoveries or Principles? I don’t know of a list but there are other resources that I think meet your needs. Hopefully others can also reply with ideas as well.

There is a great new resource added this year to the for forum called Teachers Lounge. It is available for both Discoveries and Principles. To quote the intro post to the Teachers Lounge, its intent “is to create a dedicated space for teachers to share or solicit resources about specific lessons or projects. Each lesson plan also links to a specific thread in the forum to help facilitate sharing ideas or resources for specific lessons.” It is new so the resources are still being crowd sourced. Hopefully this will continue to be a rich resource for just this purpose. I just submitted an idea for CSPrinciples Functions:)

In Discoveries, I do like the extended challenges in Unit 3. It offers many opportunities for extra practice for those programming lessons. For example, Lesson 3 Drawing in Game Lab challenges can be found here.. They are the final bubble in most lesson in Unit 3.

A forum search can often give you ideas for extra practice.

Hopefully this gets you started.


Thank you for your reply. I am referring to Principles. I’ll look through the Lounge.

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