Unit 3 Resources for Teachers


Is there a resource for teachers to learn more about the content of Unit 3? The information given simply isn’t enough for me to really learn the information presented and it is frustrating that there are not solutions to puzzles for teachers or more examples. I am spending a lot of time trying to learn on my own and having to research information. I welcome any books, websites, etc., that you can share that will help someone teaching this information for the first time. Thanks.


I am having the same issue right now. I have been relying heavily on the students to help each other and me.


In Unit 3 there are solutions to most of the puzzles. Just click the blue Teacher panel arrow to the right and when it opens, it should show the solution button. If it’s a challenge or extra play level, those usually don’t show solutions since students can create whatever they want.

Make sure you read the information levels in each lesson about the command blocks and watch the videos. I found those helpful. And the more you do the unit, the better you will get at understanding it. I am on my 2nd 9 weeks classes using unit 3 and I understand it so much better this go round than with the first 9 weeks classes. I really felt like it “kicked my butt” when I first taught it because it seemed so foreign even though I attended the training last summer. I learned along with my students the first 9 weeks so there is definitely a learning curve.

Here is a link someone else provided with slides for every lesson in Units 1-3. I used them and adjusted them for my own use. They will open in Google Drive if you have an account. Just choose to make a copy and save to your drive so you can make changes. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0BwepxvyQUD26V3B3WU5DRFpFWkU

Also each lesson in Unit 3 has lesson plans provided in the course. I made good use of those to help me understand each lesson.


Hi Tammy,
If you try Resa’s suggestions and still can’t find the solutions, it’s likely you do not have a “verified teacher” account. It’s an easy thing to fix and will give you much of the information I think you are looking for. Here are the details:


I am on my second go-round with Unit 3 as well. I am so much better at teaching it this time. I did not have access to the “teacher” panel until the very end of the quarter, so I spent a lot of time working through things, lots of trial-and-error. Hang in there!!

One thing that I have for most lesson/puzzles is to ‘extend’ the task. It allows the students more time to work through things independently. It also allows me to time to help students. I do not have everything linked yet, but I am in the process of adding these ‘extensions’ to my website. When students are absent, they can also see the extensions we did in class. I have just started this process, so you will not see too many, but it might be helpful to you. If you choose to go to my website, you will have to scroll down to Lesson 3 and Lesson 4. I have Lesson 4 complete, but I have not completed the other lessons yet. Here is my website: https://mrsdriscol.weebly.com/coding.html

Good luck, hang in there!! You will get it.


Thanks that is very helpful – I was looking for some good examples of the “free play” for my students to jump start ideas and for me to see what the expectation is on the free play puzzles.


Does anyone know how come the sound is not working in CSD Unit 3 Lesson 16?


In U3L16, which puzzle is the sound not working for you?


It was the free play but it is working now. Thank you!


Your website is fantastic!! Do you add to it further beyond lesson 7?