Welcome to CS Discoveries: Introduce yourself

Introduce yourself to the CS Discoveries teacher community!

  • What is your name?
  • What grade levels do you teach?
  • Which units of CS Discoveries do you plan to teach this year?
  • What in CS Discoveries are you most excited about?

Hi I am Tammy Farsi and I teach 6th grade computer science. I will be teaching Unit 3 this semester. I am just really excited to teach it. I am still a little nervous, but excited.

Unit 3 is a student favorite. You’ll do great!


Unit 3 is my favorite to teach too!

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My name is Tammi Keffer and I will be teaching Units 1-3 this year. I have 7th and 8th grade students.

Welcome! 7th and 8th graders enjoy all those units.

E. Tierney
Technology k-12
Used the program years ago at a basic level
Love how it has advanced.

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I’m Leonie, I’m new to teaching IT (Yrs 8-10)and have chosen CS Discoveries Units 2 & 3 for my Year 9 & 10 students to provide some real technical skills and hopefully inspire them to study IT further.
A question (which I’m not sure where to find the answer to) - has anyone created a quiz at all, for the content in Unit 2 Web Development, in order to be able to test the students on their knowledge of HTML, CSS, Intellectual Property etc?

Welcome Leonie,
We always recommend you do Unit 1 in CS Discoveries because it lays a foundation for all the other units. It is worthwhile and lessons in Unit 2 and 3 refer back to the problem solving process that is in unit 1.

There are assessments built into the lessons. They have a purple outline and usually say assessment. Is that what you are looking for? Also searching the forum for quizzes for specific lessons is probably the best way to find what others have created. If those are not what you’re looking for, please let me know.

Welcome Bauni,
Yes, I agree. The changes have been great!

My name is Dave, I am teaching 8th graders computer science. This is the first year we are using CS discoveries. It should be a learning year for all parties.



My name is Rubin. This is my first year teaching CS Discoveries to my 8th grade students. It should prove to be a year of growth.


Welcome to the Forum! We are here to help.
Code.org’s curriculum is designed with the idea that the instructor will act as the lead learner.

Welcome Rubin. We are here to help and direct you to resources. I depended on a lot of the resources my first year teaching CSDiscoveries.

My name is Kari. I teach 5th-8th grade technology/STEM. I am hoping to get through units 2 and 3 at least. I am most excited about unit 3, as are my students.

Welcome Kari! Unit 3 is usually a student favorite.

If you have time, we always recommend doing Unit 1 first so students have a solid understanding of the problem solving process. I think it helped to have a common problem solving process and vocabulary.

Hi , I am new to being the Tech Teacher at our school … hoping to connect with others through here

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Hi I am a Computer Teacher and Librarian at a small catholic school in PA. I have used code.org activities for the last couple of years, but want to use the curriculum in a more systematic way this year.

Hi Bridget- welcome! The forum is a great place to connect and find great resources for teaching CSD. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need anything!