Welcome to CS Principles: Introduce Yourself!

Introduce yourself to the CS Principles teacher community!

  • What is your name?
  • What grade level(s) do you teach?
  • What in CS Principles are you most excited about?
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I’m Stephanie ~ teaching mid & high school ages. I’m most excited about learning it more along with my students!

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Mr.B to my students. I’m teaching high school technology and programming classes and looking forward to seeing how the students adapt to the block programming in App Lab for the Principles course.

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Bro. Eduardo Baldioceda
11th and 12th grade students
I’m looking forward to the Code.org changes tor 2022-2023

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I’m Alison, teaching 9-12 computer science for the first time this year in a new school.
I’m excited to see some of the more modern Computer Science ideas, like compression, app building etc., as I’ve been away from the teaching and computer science world for more than 20 years.

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I am Anastasya. In the academic year of 2022, I will teach computer science for grade 2 elementary. Hopefully by studying through code.org I can teach my students well.


Hi. I’m Bob. I will be teaching AP CSP to high school-aged scholars. Excited about using a new platform to teach coding and CS

My name is Kristi. I teach elementary special education and I am taking over our Code Force this school year. I’m looking forward to learning alongside my students.

Hi, my name is Bridget. I will be teaching HS (grades 9-12). I am so excited to get back to HS and teaching AP CSP after a year at the middle school teaching CSD. I now understand what our middle schoolers were learning and can make better connections for my students. LOVE Code.org and when asked to teach APCSP I said I would only do it if I could use code.org! :slight_smile:

Hi everyone! My name is Christian and this is my first time teaching ap csp and I have very little background in CS. Should be an interesting experience! Happy to receive anyone’s tips or tricks for prepping myself for this course!

Hello my name is Sunny Urquidez, I currently teach 4th grade and I am just excited to get my students started learning an finding out bout Coding with me!

Hi, my name is Shari! I teach grades 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, & 11. I am excited about introducing CS Principles to my students as well as learning it myself.

Hello CSP Teachers! My name is Michelle Watson of Joppatowne High School in Maryland. This is my first year teaching CS of any kind. I am a HS math teacher who loves science (mostly Chemistry) and I am looking forward to learning along with my students. I love learning so I will pass that enthusiasm on to my students!

Hi Frank here
I teach at a middle school and handle all three grades (6th, 7th and 8th) teaching STEM courses. Last year was my first year in this capacity and before this I taught Math. I am looking forward to this year as I find the right mix for my students as they progress from 6th to 8th grade.

My students call me Dr. L. I will be teaching APCSP to four sections of high school students.

This year, I am eager to modify many of the lessons to be culturally relevant, increase participation and broaden student interest. Please message or connect if you are interested in this idea!

Hi! My name is Yolanda Lauderdale. I teach 9th - 12th grade students. I am excited about offering the CS course to my students to expose them to technology, coding, and give them an opportunity to earn a technology seal towards graduation requirements.

Hello, this is Tom Czerniak, this is my third return to teaching, this time four sections of AP CSP. In between I have worked in the tech industry coding, consulting and on this last gig, a lot of managing. I look forward to getting back into the classroom especially teaching CSP which I’m hoping should be even more fun than the CS class.

Hi everyone! My name is Karen and I teaching grades6-8 in Florida. I am most excited about learning and teaching my students about computer science principles and web design.

Hi, I’m Toya Gustafson. I teach 8th grade math and next school year I will teach Tech & Media to 7th grade students. I am excited to introduce this group of students to Computer Science Discoveries.