Welcome to CS Principles 21-22: Introduce yourself

Introduce yourself to the CS Principles teacher community!

  • What is your name?
  • What grade level(s) do you teach?
  • What in CS Principles are you most excited about?

Hello! My name is Crystal Richardson. I currently teach 4th grade but am applying to teach computer science at the secondary level. I am most excited about coding, but looking forward to learning more about things that I take for granted - ie the internet and cybersecurity

Hello, I’m Bruno, teaching in an italian high school. This program is amazing. It’s a new way of teaching and a big support because all materials are ready to use. Actually I’m teaching humanities, but I’m very interested in technology and I like this approach. It’s a pitty that only few people (collegues and students) in my school know enough english to participate. Thanks a lot! God bless you!

Hello, my name is David. I am a teacher librarian at a new high school in Australia. I teach digital technologies amongst other subjects. at the moment, I am teaching year seven and eight. I am excited to look at teaching computer science from year seven through to year 10 using something likeco.org.

I’m Cindy and teach grades 7-12 within an Autism Unit at Dapto High School in NSW, Australia. I am excited about being able to differentiate for individual students within my class.

Hi, my name is David Victor Banares. I teach Junior High Computer Science and have been using code.org over the years. No matter how may years I have taught computer science on these levels, I always find something new to teach each year. Code.org is amazing and I could not imaging not finding it for the school. I am most excited to be honing my coding skills to the next level and imparting my knowledge to the students.

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Hello! My name is Mandy. I am a homeschool educator, and I will be teaching CSP to my rising 9th grader for next school year. I have an education background in High School English/Language Arts and Math, so this is a new avenue for me. I am most looking forward to learning alongside my son. Let’s see if you can teach this “old dog some new tricks!” :slight_smile:


My name is Brady Licht. I am a Learning Specialist at TIE in Rapid City South Dakota. While I will not be teaching this curriculum, I will be working with teachers who will be. This is an exciting resource!


Hello All! I am Heather I teach business, marketing & computer science in Las Vegas to High school students 9-12. I am most excited about teaching coding to kids.

Hello, I am Danna – I am teaching computer science in Montana working with 7-12 grade students. I am excited to have a program that I can use to help me to teach this topic to a multiple group of students and have guidance to learn this material myself.