New to teaching a Computer Science Principles class- need HELP getting started!

Hello! I am a first year AP Computer Science teacher. I need clarification as to where I go to access the curriculum for the class beginning with Unit 1 lessons in chronological order. Can someone please provide me with direction as to how I find it? Looking forward to hearing back from you as soon as possible! Thank you.

  • Mike

Hi Mike, welcome to the forum, and teaching CS Principles!
Here is a support page that has a step by step overview of how to get started with teaching with including how to get a teacher account, create sections, and assign work to students in your sections.
The course overview page for CS Principles is here. When you click to go to a unit, you will see blue buttons to view the lesson plans along with coding levels that students use during class time. The lesson plans have activity guides, slides, and an overview of how to spend classtime for each lesson.

I hope this gets you started! Please continue to reach out on the forum as you move through the year :slight_smile: