Computer Science Principles student material


Hello I am a new teacher and been asked to teach a Computer Science Principles class. I am trying to find student material for the class. any anyone help me get started?



The best place to start is Once you create a teacher account and login, you will be able to see the CSP materials from the course tab on your teacher homepage. To provide your students access to the course materials, you can create sections for your students to join.

Let use know if you need more help getting around the website!



Thank you, Andera, I spent all day yesterday watching you tube videos on it. and have some ideas now. one question for the computer science principles the exercises seems very basic for high schoolers. is there a set of exercises you would recommend?



It is not clear to me which set of videos or exercises you are referring to. If you direct me to a specific lesson, we can definitely discuss how the course materials are connected to the College Board’s curriculum framework and how you can effectively use these materials with your set of learners.

Check out the Curriculum Guide for additional teacher support with course implementation.



I made some slides for units 1, 3 and 5. Feel free to use them under CC-BY-NC-SA


Thank you @samuellandete



The folders are shared but I was not able to open any individual files without requesting permission for each one. Also, the forum is accessible by anyone (including students) through a simple Internet search. Therefore, this may not be the method for sharing sensitive materials like assessments.

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Check out the resources available here: There are links to the student facing materials as well as lesson plans. For each lesson, the panel on the right side includes links to resources specific to that lesson.