Learning to Code



I’m a first year high school robotics teacher trying to get my bearings, and want to include a unit focusing on coding. I took a show of hands in one of my classes to see if any of them had had any coding experience and it would seem very few of them have. I want to start off simple with a self guided lesson(s), that can be graded, but I don’t want it to take more than a few days. Can I get some recommendations based on these parameters please?

Thank you,

Brock Baxter


Hi Brock,

As far as CSP curriculum goes - I would look at Unit 3. It covers the basics of programming - writing functions, using parameters, etc.

Unit 5 would also be a good place to look to see how they introduce variables too!

Both can be pretty self guided. I have been using pair programming this year even through some of the topics that could be done individually - the conversations happening are so much better when there are 2 people working together! Something to consider!

Happy programming!


Thank you very much for responding!