Starting out APCSP with Layout and Tests questions


I will be teaching AP CSP and I would like to stick to Code.orgs Curriculum. I have read through a few lessons, and I am trying to get an understanding of the design of the course. First a few things, I have taught ECS for two years as a half credit class and will have students who come from that class. I have taught APCSA for one year and will have students come from that class as well. I will also have some students who have not taken any CS courses. My school is one to one. I have set up an account and the three units that I will add students.

First is their a place where I can read that will help me with the layout of the course, I am bit confused on when students should be on the computer versus teacher printing something out and working on paper.

Next, is their a place with tests, when they come up in the curriculum?

TBH, I have been frustrated with starting to navigate the curriculum, is their a place to start reading? Unfortunately, I was unable to do a training and instead did a AP SI. So any feedback is appreciated!



Hi Josh,

First, welcome to the CSP club! I will let someone else answer the question about tests, since I believe is working on that. However, many units already have projects (usually called “Practice Performance Task”) near the end of every chapter or unit. For example, in Unit 1, lesson 14 is a Practice PT that has a rubric ready to go if you want to use it.

I used the curriculum last year and found it easiest for me to look at one week at a time to understand the set up. You can find the unit 1 overview here ( and then click at the bubbles on the top or on the links in the overview to move around to different specific lessons if you want more information. As a new CS teacher, I found the lesson plans very detail orientated which helped me plan what to expect in the class but if you are looking for just an overview you could just read the "Overview " section and the agenda to get an idea of the day. Also, make sure you have a “teacher” account. If you don’t have a teacher account it could be really difficult to know what is going on. The best way to probably determine if you have a teacher account is to go to and see if each stage has a link that says “View Lesson Plan” (see the picture below). If so, you are probably good to go!

Does that help at all?


Hi @jlindy,

@kaitie_o_bryan did an awesome job answering giving a quick overview of how to use the curriculum.

This graphic may also be helpful to you.

Lastly if you are looking for tests they are locked down to approved teachers only so you have to submit for approval using this [form].(

Let us know if you still have questions we can help with!



Thank you so much! I appreciate the help. I have been approved (I believe) and I can see the lessons so I am good in that regards.
The graphic helps a lot!

I was going to have students set up the accounts via email. Is that reason I would not be able to see the teacher Dashboard?

I was wondering if their was a central location for those tests.


Hi @jlindy

You should be able to see the teacher dashboard. If you go up to the orange block with your name in it on code studio, the first option should be Teacher Home Page.

If you click that you will get to a page with these options:

To set up a class you will want to head into Student Accounts and Progress.

Also there is currently no central location for all of the tests. They are linked off the lessons they are associate with. Most of them can be found on the lesson at the end of a chapter or a unit though.



I’m able to access the lesson plans and all the resources. I created the section and I shared the link with my students. For some reasons my students are not able to view the assessment.
Any help!


By default the assessments are locked. You will have to unlock them before students can see them.