New to AP Comp Sci - will be teaching in the fall


Greetings. I’ll be teaching AP Comp Sci for the first time, this fall. I’ve been researching possible curricula, and see there are a half dozen or so available. I’m trying to understand how’s APCSP works.

How does’s APCSP curriculum compare to others? Strengths/weaknesses?

I’m taking a 1 week PD prep class this summer (not one of yours). Are there materials from APCSP I should bring with me?

Is the entire curriculum available online, or do I need to obtain supplemental materials (SDKs, books, etc)?

Is there required summer work for students?

Any guidance is appreciated.

John Ranta
Souhegan HS


I tried to keep an open mind for the past few months as to which on-line curriculum to use; I was most impressed with and every detail. Their team is ON-IT! Like you, I will be using all of their resources and tools.

Lots to learn but I am so excited for next year!


Hi @jranta,

There is a simple breakdown of the courses here:

What PD prep class are you taking this summer? The College Board PD is curriculum agnostic and the other curriculums will PD on their curriculum.

All the materials for the course are available online and free so you should not need additional resources.

There is no required summer work for students or set homework you should assign. Its up to the teacher what pieces of the course you feel like should happen outside of the class.

Does that help?



Thanks for the vote of confidence @jkeays!

We continue to work hard on improving the curriculum. Just wait for the next turn of the crank! Coming out soon - like next week.

We’re adding pacing guidance and making the lesson plans (hopefully) easier to read and use, and giving many different views into the course from high level to low level so you can more easily navigate the course. Anyway and as usual keep the feedback coming. Thanks,

  • Baker
    CSP Team


@jkeays, Thanks, good to hear worked for you. JR


Dani, I signed up for one of the AP 1 week classes. Thanks for answering my other questions, that helps a lot. JR


Hey there,
I will also be teaching AP CSP for the first time this fall. I have looked over the curriculum for’s curriculum and others and think that it is by far the best out there! It’s very detailed they emphasize the fact that they wrote the curriculum with the hope that a teacher without a whole lot of computer science experience can teach it!

By 1 week session, do you mean an approved AP Summer Institute through College Board? If so, which one are you registered for? I am taking a Summer Institute.


@erevis, I’m enrolled at the Taft school in Connecticut for the 1 week course. July. Where are you going? JR