Teacher requirements?

I want to use the code.org APCSP curriculum this fall. Is there any approval process? Costs? Thanks! JR

Hi. I replied to your post on the help desk. Short version: nope. No costs or approval needed beyond what you need to run the course (computers) and probably printing a bunch of stuff.


p.s. just in case…You should make sure you’re using the newest version of the course on code studio. You may not have run into this but if you ever see a link that looks something like studio.code.org/s/cspunit1 that’s the old version. You want studio.code.org/s/csp1. All of our current materials should be linking there.

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I agree with baker 100%. I have read through the old curriculum and have been reviewing all the changes as code.org rolls out the improved newer version. The curriculum does an excellent job in so many respects but in particular there is no cost other than having some fundamental basic classroom supplies. In addition, the traditional teacher role is transformed to a leader, facilitator and motivator for the students.

I am so excited to get started.

Thank you code.org and the countless hours of your time, dedication and attention to detail. I am so impressed with their support.